Tanya's Whereabouts: Revived!

Some years ago...okay, over a decade ago, I began sending emails to my family and friends detailing my life's events and personal musings.  These emails revolved (mostly) around my annoyances and triumphs with show business, and every now and again a personal plea for help or assistance with whatever issue I felt needed everyone's immediate attention.  In the subject line I wrote "Tanya's Whereabouts" because I was always being asked what I was doing up there in New York/out in LA, where I was, and what was going on. So, my whereabouts became my stories and, unwittingly, a blog before blogs were popular.  But now it really is a blog and in the spirit of a true revival, I'm starting fresh from Part I.   

Before the revival kicks off, I must point out that I got aaaalllll the way to Part XXXVII in those bygone emails, but feel this new bloggedy do needs it's own beginning.  I'm thoughtful like that. :-)

And so it goes...